Research attitude
We are a multidisciplinary group of individuals with diverse interests around computational methodologies and their applications to disease. We collaborate with biologists and clinicians for most of our projects and welcome new interactions.

We encourage creativity, independent thinking, and a playful attitude towards science. We will foster these attitudes through interactions within the group, in group meetings and journal clubs.

Career development
We place a strong emphasis on career development. We will support your individual career progression through opportunities for mentorship and networking, assistance with fellowship applications and opportunities to supervise more junior members of the group, including undegraduate, MSc and PhD students as appropriate. Dr Secrier co-chairs the Cancer Domain Early Careers Network and can thereby provide a plethora of training and networking opportunities within the wider UCL cancer community.

We stand for openness and reproducibility in science. We strive to make all our code freely available in public repositories such as GitHub. We place great emphasis on best practices for ensuring reproducibility of analyses, through the use of R Markdown, knitr and other similar resources.
See our GitHub repositories here: